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Photo of Cantor Zimelman

Cantor Samuel Zimelman

Cantor Samuel Zimelman was the descendant of four generations of cantors. After WW2, he and his family were among the first small group of Holocaust survivors to arrive in Portland.  Before coming to the US in 1946, he served as chief cantor of the Hochschule Synagogue in Poland, a historic synagogue that was destroyed at the beginning of the War. He served at Shaarey Tphiloh for 30 years, and in 1976 was honored by 250 guests who crowded into the synagogue for a testimonial dinner, dance and concert given by his sons, Pinchik and Sol. Cantor Zimelman considered his time in Portland to have been “my whole life’s effort to please and accomplish only for the good and welfare of our entire community.” Here he sits (2nd from left) amongst members of the choir. Four of the singers were his sons, two of whom went on to record many albums. Pinchik became Paul, and with his brother Sol, they became the Brothers Zim.

Selected Works

Ahavas Olom



A Song and a Prayer

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