Adon Olam

אדון עול

Adon Olam. (“Eternal Lord”) Incorporated into the liturgy in the 15th century,this poem usually concludes morning and evening services.  In the Orthodox siddur( prayer book) it can also be found in the introductory morning prayers.  It is attributed to Solomon Ibn Gabirol who lived in the 11th century.  Because of its short, regular lines and meter, it has been set to myriad melodies, including modern secular songs as well as original compositions. Adon Olam focuses on the supremacy of God, and contains memorable lines , including “God was, is, and will be in splendor”  and, in its fifth and final stanza,  “Into God’s hand I commit my soul…The Lord is with me, I shall not fear.”


Rabbi Hillel Katzir

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