From the word meaning holy, a kaddish is a prayer which acts as a divider between sections of the service.  There are several types of kaddishes: Kaddish Yatom – the orphans’ or mourners’ kaddish; the Kaddish d’Rabbanan – the Rabbis’ kaddish, recited after studying text; the Chatzi Kaddish – half kaddish recited after a minor section of the service; Kaddish Shalem – full kaddish which originally ended the service but now concludes a major section; and the Reader’s Kaddish – recited  during the reading of the Torah. The prayer is written in Aramaic and its basic form glorifies extols, magnifies and sanctifies God’s name.  Mourners’ Kaddish is recited at funerals, burials, at the Yizkor memorial service, at a shiva house, and on the anniversary (yahrzeit) of a death.


Cantor Kurt Messerschmidt

Sung with the Radio Munich Choir

Rabbi Sruli Dresdner

A Song and a Prayer

Cantorial Music in Maine​